IGA X-press Bibra Lake

Several years ago Paul Buckingham, IGA X-press Bibra Lake business owner, purchased a 4kW system from Solargain for his home. After being satisfied with both the system's performance and Solargain’s previous dealings with him, Mr. Buckingham approached us to assist him with a commercial system to reduce his electricity costs at his retail outlet which is a combined IGA X-press and Down Under Liquor store.

Case study - IGA X-press Bibra Lake
Project Overview
Bibra Lake, Perth, WA
August 2013
System Size: 
Roof Fixing Method: 
Flush mount
- 120 x ReneSola 250W panels
- 2 x SMA 15000TL Tripower Inverters
Annual Energy Production: 
42.4MWh approximately
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 
39.42 Tonnes CO2 e (CO2 equivalent)

As with most of our clients that run constant refrigeration loads, IGA X-press Bibra Lake is on a Peak / Off-Peak tariff that means IGA X-press paying a much higher rate for power during the daytime, Monday to Friday, with the rate dropping down to off peak rates of an evening and on weekends.

Given the available roof space and the restrictions relating to systems above 30kW of inverter capacity, it was decided that a 30kW system would suit both the needs of the store in terms of load, roof area and provide the highest return on investment. The business partners felt that it was appropriate to seek out quotations for 30kW systems from a number of solar PV providers (rightly so), before making any decision. However, as Mr. Buckingham put it “knowing your track record I will obviously be pushing for your company”.

Solargain were not only chosen as as a result of Mr. Buckingham’s previous experience with Solargain, but also because we had successfully installed several other commercial systems at other IGA stores, who were also happy with the system performance and the quality of our workmanship.

Apart from the installation of the 30kW system which occurred over the period of a week, Solargain’s electrician made some recommendations regarding other electrical improvements, based upon recent changes to Australian Standards. These suggestions were subsequently adopted by IGA X-press Bibra Lake.