Odeum Farms

Odeum Farms is a grower-based marketing joint venture, designed to eliminate all non-essential links in the supply chain in getting fresh produce to the retailer. Their head office in Canning Vale contains two separate buildings which are next to each other; one combining their administration and a cold storage facility, and the other is purely a distribution warehouse.

Case Study - Odeum Farms
Project Overview
Two locations in Canning Vale, WA
August 2014
System Size: 
190kW (100kW + 90kW)
Roof Fixing Method: 
Flush mount framing on trimdeck roof
400 x ReneSola 250W panels
1 x Fronius Agilo 100kW Inverter
Clenergy PV- eziRack mounting system
360 x ReneSola 250W panels
1 x Fronius Agilo100kW Inverter
Clenergy PV-eziRack mounting system
Annual Energy Production: 
253.4MWh approximately
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 
269 tonnes CO2 (CO2 equivalent)

Even though the buildings are next to one another, with each building having its own main Western Power meter, each individual load profile was assessed to determine the appropriate system size for each. This is because not only the electricity usage was different between the buildings, but the way in which the energy was consumed was also different.

As a result, it was decided that the main building would require a 100kW system, whereas the distribution warehouse would only need 90kW.

Installed at the same time as the 100kW system for United Crate directly over the road, the almost 300kW of solar capacity installed in the same street certainly makes an impact, not only in the bills of Solargain’s respective clients but also to the local business community.

Estimated first year savings for Odeum Farms is approximately $63,475 for the two systems combined.