Business Case Studies

Solargain Commercial is proud to have helped an ever growing range of customers access the cost saving and environmental benefits of solar for their business.  Our customers come from all types of industries and are installing PV systems of all sizes.

To find out more about why these businesses chose Solargain, how we lead them through the approval and installation processes, and importantly the benefits to their business, please read our case studies.  You are bound to find one for a business like yours.

Industrial & Commercial

Direct Memory Access

Case Study - Direct Memory Access

They are currently the top Microsoft (OEM) and Intel channel partners locally, and are tier one partner with Panasonic. DMA operate 5 days per week from their main office / warehouse.

Ayres Composite Panels

Case Study - Ayres Composite Panels

As a result of their high usage and the significant increases in their per kWh charges in 2012, Ayres Composite Panels approached Solargain to provide an

Worldwide Online Printing

Case Study - Worldwide Online Printing

Worldwide Printing Solutions also implement the highest levels of recycling including ink cartridges & paper.  Improving the efficiency of their systems and reducing waste was the first wave in becoming certified.

United Crate

Case Study - United Crate

United Crate approached Solargain to assist in bringing down its operating costs by installing a commercial size solar PV system.

Galloway Engines

Case Study - Galloway Engines

Laurie contacted Solargain through our Commercial website in April 2014.


Benara Nurseries

Case Study - Benara Nurseries

Luckily for them their main Carabooda site has several electricity meters allowing them to install multiple smaller systems to cumulatively acquire the 103kW system they requested.

Loose Leaf Lettuce Company

Case Study - Loose Leaf Lettuce Company

The Loose Leaf Lettuce Company is a grower of various types of lettuce. They harvest, pick and mix various lettuce varieties into pre-packaged loose leaf salad take home packs.

Odeum Farms

Case Study - Odeum Farms

Even though the buildings are next to one another, with each building having its own main Western Power meter, each individual load profile was assessed to determine the appropriate system size for each.

Ivankovich Farms

Case Study - Ivankovich Farms

After a discussion with Maureen Dobra from the Loose Leaf Lettuce Company about their concerns regarding the escalating costs of running their cool rooms and irrigation systems, she suggested they contact Solargain, as she had

Retail & Hospitality

Prime Products

Case study - Prime Products

Due to the nature of their business which houses sizable cool room storage operating 24/7 they have a constant demand for power across the year.

Koala Storage

Case study - Koala Storage

Due to the nature of the business there is a steady demand for electricity during the daytime when the peak tariff rates are in effect.

IGA X-press Bibra Lake

Case study - IGA X-press Bibra Lake

As with most of our clients that run constant refrigeration loads, IGA X-press Bibra Lake is on a Peak / Off-Peak tariff that means IGA X-press paying a much higher rate for power during the daytime, Monday to Friday, with the

Roleystone SUPA IGA

Case Study - Roleystone SUPA IGA

Ross Anile at Roleystone SUPA IGA was one of the store owners impressed with the results of the trial and who wanted to investigate the benefits of commercial solar.

Glengarry Medical Group

Case Study - Glengarry Medical Group

The owners of both the medical centre and pharmacy decided to team together to make the process of getting proposals and the installation as efficient as possible.

Glengarry Pharmacy

Case Study - Glengarry Pharmacy

The final design included splitting the system across the East and West orientated roof. This allowed for a steady solar PV production throughout the day, which fits well with the consumption pattern. 

Toodyay IGA

Case study - Toodyay IGA

The system comprises 400 x ReneSola 250W panels, 6 x SMA 15000TL inverters and 1 x SMA 10000TL inverter.

Property & Retirement Villages

Bethanie Waters

Case study -  Bethanie Waters

As the site is sub-metered, it means that there is only one main power meter and point of attachment to the grid.  Therefore all of the systems installed at each unit are considered linked and are aggregated into one large

RAAFA Erskine Grove

Case study -  RAAFA Erskine Grove

The interesting point about this installation is that it is the first legally installed sub-metered retirement village in Perth.


City of Wanneroo

Case study - City of Wanneroo

The City of Wanneroo went to tender in early 2009 for the installation of a solar PV system for their council offices. The GHD engineering consultancy firm were used to determine the tender.

Shire of Kondinin

Case study - Shire of Kondinin

After a comprehensive site visit and providing the quotation to the CEO, Peter Webster, Solargain was asked to personally present the submission to a council meeting and be available to answer questions.

Department of Housing

Case study - Department of Housing

The basis of the trial was to identify the impact solar PV would have on the households through the installation of a 1kW system.

Goldfields Oasis Leisure Centre

Case study - Goldfields Oasis Leisure Centre

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder went to tender for the installation of a solar PV system for their recreation centre building. Solargain were chosen out of approximately fifteen respondents.

Shire of Kellerberrin

Case study - Shire of Kellerberrin

Although it was great to have the support of the State Government funding program to construct the facility, after taking possession of the premises, it then fell to the facility to independently run and cover its own

South Boulder Waste Water Treatment Plant

Case study - South Boulder Waste Water Treatment Plant

The system comprises 500 X Suntech 300W PV modules and a duo of Fronius Agilo 75kW inverters. Of note also is the high quality ground mounting PVMax3 product from Schletter GmbH.

City of Mandurah (2 sites)

City of Mandurah (2 sites)

Solargain PV Pty Ltd was selected from a number of tenderers to design, install and commission PV systems at these sites with the aims of bringing down operating costs and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Community & Not For Profit

St Bartholomew’s House

Case study - St Bartholomew’s House

St Bartholomew’s House is a 7 storey, 148 bed twin tower building that provides community based support, accommodation and assistance to homeless individuals, and establishes collaborative partnerships wit individuals and other

Cockburn Volunteer Headquarters

Case study - Cockburn Volunteer Headquarters

Due to the project being under construction, Solargain was chosen because of its experience with successfully installing systems such as St Bartholomew’s House, which was a multi storey construction site with 27kW installed on

Manning Bowling Club

Case study - Manning Bowling Club

Manning Bowling Club, as with most of these types of facilities, use most of their electricity running cool rooms and bar facilities.

Innaloo Sportsmen's Club

Case study - Innaloo Sportsmen's Club

Like most bowling clubs in WA, the steady daytime refrigeration and lighting electricity load made Innaloo Sportsmen’s Club an ideal candidate to benefit from the daytime production of solar PV electricity.