Glengarry Medical Group

Glengarry Medical Group decided to pursue their interest in commercial solar PV at the same time as the Glengarry Pharmacy next door.

Case Study - Glengarry Medical Group
Project Overview
Duncraig, Perth, WA
November 2013
System Size: 
Roof Fixing Method: 
Flush Mounted 15 degree pitch
- 48 x 250W ReneSola 250W panels
- 1 x 10kW SMA Sunny Tri Power 10000TL
- 1 x 2.5kW SMA 2500HF inverter
Annual Energy Production: 
18.4 MWh approximately
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 
15.46 Tonnes CO2 e (CO2 equivalent)

The owners of both the medical centre and pharmacy decided to team together to make the process of getting proposals and the installation as efficient as possible. The joint investigation allowed for sharing of ideas and information, which resulted in the Medical Group making a fully informed decision on the system they required, and their preferred solar PV installation company.

Designing the system required making use of the various roof orientations available while ensuring the system production was as constant as possible throughout the day. The final design included splitting the system across the North, East, and West orientated roof.

To maximise their energy efficiency, Solargain provided a fully comprehensive solution, which included replacing their existing fluorescent tube lighting with LED lighting. The combined solar PV and LED lighting solution has allowed the centre to make the greatest possible impact on reducing their electricity costs and playing their role in reducing CO2 emissions.

Dr. Hellmuth, the owner of the Group, obtained three quotes from different solar companies and selected Solargain based primarily on the professionalism of the company. 

The solar PV system includes 48 x 250W ReneSola panels, 1 x SMA 10000TL Sunny Tri Power inverter and 1 x SMA 2500HF inverter. It is split across and flush mounted to the various roof sections comprising 3kW on the North, 5.5kW on the West roof and 3.5kW on the East roof.