What Our Customers Say

“As part of the ongoing commitment of the City of Mandurah to driving action on climate change, Solargain has been commissioned to install two 40 kW systems on the City’s community facilities, the Mandurah Bowling and Recreation Club and the Rushton Park facility. Installation has been undertaken with efficiency and professionalism, and the benefits that are generated from the systems in terms of energy and cost savings as well as greenhouse gas emissions reduction are fully meeting the City’s expectations.”

City of Mandurah

Veronique Largier, Climate Change Officer, City of Mandurah

May, 2015
“In the first couple of full bills we have seen since installation the system is saving us between $100 and $120 per day. This was during a period when it was raining etc. so we are expecting it to only get better in the warmer months.”

Toodyay IGA

Dean Carter, Owner, IGA Toodyay

August, 2014
“Having received three power bills subsequent to our installation, our 8.75kW system is consistently reducing our bills by around 65%. This was in line with my own best case expectations, so naturally I am very satisfied with my initial decision to install a PV solar system. Also that I chose Solargain was very important, as their representative showed professionalism and prepared a detailed quote and data sheets that answered my questions in a manner that was clear and seemed realistic based on my research.”

Glengarry Pharmacy

Sam Frosh, Glengarry Pharmacy

July, 2014
“We are already enjoying the rewards - our energy bills going from $14,000 per month down to $7,000 in March. With a finance cost of $2,300 per month over 10 years, we are confident we’ve made a good decision. The way I see it, I buy a car on HP for 5 years and in 5 years time it is worth half the value. With the solar panels we expect in 3 - 5 years time I will have paid for it and after that it is making me money.”

Loose Leaf Lettuce Company

Maureen Dobra, Loose Leaf Lettuce Company

July, 2014
“At this stage after 3 months with solar panels we are very pleased that they are performing to the anticipated result as per presentation from Solargain. Furthermore we can add that the installation and follow up has been very professional.”

Innaloo Sportsmen's Club

Murray Ryan, Club Secretary, Innaloo Sportsmen's Club

July, 2014
“Following consideration of the submissions and in accordance with the tender assessment criteria, the submission from Solargain is considered the highest quality of those received and most likely to result in the best outcome to the City. Solargain’s submission provided the highest level of savings to the city over a twenty five (25) year period (projected life of solar PV systems) as well as a comprehensive demonstrated understanding of project requirements which minimises potential risks associated with the project. ISO 9001 Quality Management System and AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety System accreditation further reduces potential risks and Solargain’s proposed management, engineering and installation team have a proven local track record with ground mount and large solar PV system installations in WA. Solargain’s local branch in Kalgoorlie also means that employment will be generated within the City. Solargain was also the only company to offer management of the Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) that will be created by this system, a service that would otherwise need to be performed by City Officers.”

South Boulder Waste Water Treatment Plant

An excerpt from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Ordinary Meeting of Council agenda from January 20, 2014

January, 2014
“The yield from the system has so far been better than projected by Solargain. The monthly savings on our electricity bill are in excess of $1,500. A recent increase in our electricity rate has meant that the savings from the solar have also increased. I would recommend the combined solar PV and solar Hot Water system as a comprehensive means of reducing supermarket energy costs.”

Roleystone SUPA IGA

Ross Anile, Owner, IGA Roleystone

September, 2013
“Many thanks again for your commitment; we have been very satisfied working with your team.”

Department of Housing

Spokesperson, WA Department of Housing

July, 2013
“Solargain PV Pty Ltd, under its Commercial Projects Manager, Craig Savill, recently completed the installation of a 130kw solar PV system on the roof of the Goldfields Oasis Leisure Centre, in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The works were carried out expeditiously and with minimal issues. Craig and his team worked very cooperatively with our staff on site and our consultant to ensure minimal disruption to operations at the centre. Furthermore, Craig was very helpful in assisting us with our requested variation to reposition and redesign the solar PV layout so that we could optimize the simultaneous installation of a roof mounted solar thermal hot water system. The early results of the solar PV installation are indicating a successful project. One minor teething issue experienced during commissioning was resolved in a timely and professional manner with assistance from Craig and his team as required. I would not hesitate to recommend Craig and the Solargain team for future such projects.”

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Goldfields Oasis Leisure Centre

Tony Chisholm, Director Community and Development Services

July, 2013
“The decision was based on the professionalism of your company’s presentation and in particular the advice on where a 15kW and a 20kW system fitted into our usage.”

Manning Bowling Club

Peter Barrow, Manning Bowling Club

March, 2013
“We have now completed a full 12 months with our 30kW solar installation. The payback period, allowing for depreciation, is working out at 3.6 years – which is very pleasing. In fact the projected payback time is getting shorter each time we receive a bill; because what we are charged per unit of electricity has increased about 30% during 2013, which increases the $ savings. Since installation I think we have saved approx. $16,500... ...Comparing our 2013 annual consumption of Alinta-supplied electricity, to 2012 figures, we used approx. 40% less units. Our general level of factory production in 2013 was similar to 2012, so we will have used similar total amounts of electricity in both years. The significant reduction in consumption of Alinta-supplied electricity can therefore be reliably assumed to be almost entirely due to the use of our own solar-generated electricity.”

Ayres Composite Panels

Colin Ayres, Managing Director, Ayres Composite Panels

November, 2012
“I estimate (the system) has reduced our power costs during summer by approx. 50% and during winter by approx. 35%. We conservatively estimate that we will achieve a payback of approx. 4 - 5 years.”

Koala Storage

Rod West, Director, Absolon Street Pty Ltd (Koala Storage)

August, 2012
“I just wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for all your extraordinary efforts to get our solar panels up and running. It has been a long and difficult project!! One from which I know we have all learnt a lot. Please pass on my thanks to all your staff and consultants, who were involved.”

RAAFA Erskine Grove Retirement Village

Denise Nicolay, Chairperson - Residents Liaison Committee, RAAFA Erskine Grove

June, 2012
“Novacare have had an ongoing relationship with Solargain for a number of years now and the management team as well as the residents are very happy with the service that Solargain has provided and continues to provide. The solar systems that have been installed have exceed all our expectations.”

Novacare Busselton Village Pty Ltd

Gordon Genat, Managing Director, Novacare Busselton Village Pty Ltd

November, 2009
“Solargain have been extremely professional during all stages of the project. The City of Wanneroo received very good project management during the design and install phase and communications were very clear and timely. The service that Solargain have provided the City of Wanneroo is highly regarded.”

City of Wanneroo Council Offices

Spokesperson, City of Wanneroo

October, 2009