Feasibility Analysis & Customer Proposal

Understanding your business

How do we know which solar energy system will best suit your needs? We ask.

Every business analysis takes into account:

  • Your renewable energy objectives and expectations
  • Your current operations and energy profile
  • Any future expansion plans
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Data modelling and system optimisation

No guessing games, matching your business with the right solar energy system is a simple science.

Using proprietary tools, we:

  • Find the optimal system to suit your needs
  • Provide honest and reliable advice – bigger is not always better
  • Model your building (for larger or more complex installations) to give you a visual representation of what your system will look like
  • Get you ready for install
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Tariff assessment and demand strategies

We go through every measure to save you money and increase efficiency.

Our strategy includes:

  • An analysis and presentation of your current energy usage
  • Simple load-shifting suggestions to maximise use of solar production
  • Energy saving recommendations beyond solar PV, such as LED lighting and solar hot water (if applicable)
  • The services of a tariff broker who will identify ways to reduce your bills
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Finance and ROI analysis

Feel confident about your investment with a clear, simple financial analysis.

With Solargain Commercial, you will know:

  • How quickly your system will pay back your investment
  • The lifetime returns of your system
  • Your financing options and impact on cash flow - assessing whether it can be cash flow neutral or positive (i.e. savings exceed finance payments)
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Customer Decision

Get the facts, study the figures and take your time to make an informed decision.

Sit back while we:

  • Deliver a comprehensive presentation to key decision makers within your group - tailored to suit your business and stakeholders
  • Explain all aspects of solar installation and ownership clearly
  • Answer your questions and remain on-call while you deliberate
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