Design & Approval

Design site visit

Shake the hands that will help shape your renewable energy future and be a part of the process.

At Solargain we think it is important to:

  • Introduce you to the key people working on your project
  • Gather detailed information about your site
  • Keep you informed about any changes to discussed plans as they occur
  • Have your Project Manager keep you up-to-date on the status of your project
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Engineering and design

Our investment in highly-skilled and experienced staff means outstanding workmanship and quality results.

The Solargain Commercial team:

  • Comprises of fully-accredited electrical and solar engineers
  • Will design a system that meets (and often surpasses) Clean Energy Council standards
  • Is well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during installation
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Utility and building approvals

Getting your project approved and ready as quickly as possible is what we do best. The sooner you install, the sooner you start saving.

During the approval process we will:

  • Draw on years of experience to get your project approved as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Submit all documentation correctly and on time
  • Take care of any required building permit process in relation to your solar PV system installation
  • Ensure your project is realistic and achievable, and complies with local laws and requirements
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