AHA (VIC) members only offer


when purchasing a system between 30 kW and 100 kW

As a proud partner, we’re pleased to offer AHA (VIC) members this exclusive offer.

Solar power technology is now more affordable than ever, which also means quicker return on investment. Solargain works with hotels and pubs seeking to slash their expenses and make a smart long-term business decision.

With higher feed-in tariffs, more affordable solar panels, valuable STCs, and this 8 FREE solar panels offer there has never been a better time for AHA (VIC) members to go solar!

Why Solargain

  • 10 years of experience - industry longevity equals experience and stability
  • Solargain is ISO accredited - a clear indicator of quality and safety
  • After-sales experts - we are a ‘preferred service partner’ of major solar retailers and manufacturers, meaning we’re dedicated to customers long after they purchase

Why Solar Power

  • Enjoy energy savings all year round
  • Significantly reduce your running costs
  • Add value to your building and business
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Reduce pollution and emissions
  • Minimal upkeep and maintenance costs
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment



To redeem this exclusive offer contact Jusuf Tekesic on 0478 020 851 or fill out the form below


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Terms and conditions

  1. The free panels, which are additional to the panels of the system, are to be of equivalent make and model to the system purchased and include standard installation. The additional free panels must be installed at the same premises and at the same time as the PV system. The eligibility of free panels is conditional upon the entire PV system (inclusive of the additional panels) being eligible for STCs under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. Higher output panels may not be able to have the said number of free panels due to STC restrictions.
  2. The offer is subject to connection approval for the PV system by your energy retailer and the assignment of STCs to Solargain PV Pty Ltd.  There must be an approved RCD switch installed at the premises where the PV system is to be installed.
  3. Offer is valid exclusively to AHA (VIC) members only.
  4. Images are for illustration purposes only.
  5. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
  6. This offer is valid for a limited time and can be terminated at any time at Solargain’s sole discretion.
  7. Offer valid for new quotes only.
  8. Supply and installation are subject to Solargain’s Terms and Conditions of Trading, available on our website.
  9. Any network application and meter replacement fees incurred by Solargain will be at an additional cost. These costs will be provided to you at the point of sale.